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Because modern customers can be massively well-informed and can do much more without sales professionals, we must be well-prepared for each and every sales interaction. Customers expect us to know about them and advise them on what is best for them. Customers reward sales professionals who listen to their needs, provide valuable insight, and demonstrate commitment to their success.

Call planning is essential to creating value. When customers recognize that we are prepared with ways to help them achieve their goals, they become more open about their situation and more willing to consider changes and potential solutions that benefit them.

The Critical Selling Skills (CSS) Call Planner is a tool to guide effective call planning. This 2-page tool supports pre-call preparation and post-call reflection. The tool is a research-based and purpose-built to optimize call planning efforts.

This CSS Planner Guide helps sales professionals use the Call Planner to maximize effectiveness and opportunity with each customer call.

Exclusive Offer to Highspot Customers

Janek’s pre- and post-call planner offers the chance to boost prospect receptivity and reduce sales stress. It’ll help you to get ready, doing the necessary research on your target, their market, and their current needs.






  • Requires access to the Highspot platform
  • Requires Highspot Content & Guidance


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