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What’s Included

Consultative Selling-Salesperson Course

Consulting is about adding value—and as a salesperson your goal is to make your sales interactions as valuable to the customer as they are to you. That is why consultative selling is foundational and an essential first step in mastering sales agility. In VantagePoint’s Consultative Selling module, you will be introduced to the key concepts of consultative selling: uncovering needs, presenting solutions, and obtaining commitments. You will personalize this information through an application guide that will lead you through how to best execute each component in your unique sales environment.

Align-Sales Manager Course

Sales managers (mostly) agree that coaching and developing their salespeople is vital to their success and the success of their teams. Yet, many coach reactively, addressing issues that come up and putting out fires. Through our extensive research on sales management, VantagePoint has clear evidence that the best coaching is strategic and proactive, not reactive and spontaneous. In fact, the most important sales activities to coach are the ones clearly aligned to the goals and strategic objectives of your organization. VantagePoint’s Align module covers the first of three components of the Sales Management Code training course. You will learn how to align your targeted sales results and prioritized sales objectives with the specific sales activities that your salespeople need to execute consistently well. The accompanying application guide will help you create a personalized alignment plan that you can share with your sales leader and sales team.

Exclusive Offer to Highspot Customers

This is an exclusive Highspot customer offer. Not only will you begin to experience elements of our Agility Enablement System, you will receive a copy of our latest sales management book, Crushing Quota (upon qualification).






  • Requires access to the Highspot platform
  • Requires Highspot Content & Guidance


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VantagePoint Performance trains Salespeople to be more fluent and comfortable across different situations needing different sales approaches, and we train Sales Managers to be better coaches and team leaders, with more focus and less stress.

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