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Buying has changed. There’s more information than ever for buyers to sift through. And they want to do a lot of that on their own. Decision-makers’ perception of the value of a salesperson with commission-breath (that you can still smell in a virtual meeting) is rapidly diminishing.

Therefore, selling needs to change. For those that are holding on to the traditional selling approach they learned a few years ago, it spells trouble. But don’t take our word for it.

  • Gartner found that buyers spend 62% of their time on independent research
  • Forbes found that 57% of sellers missed their quota in 2019

Simply, buyers are more emotionally closed to sellers than ever before. They are unreceptive. And when someone is closed, the more selling, persuading, case studies, and logical arguments you make to them, the more closed they become. The bottom line is that the value of your message or value proposition is less important than the customer’s willingness to listen with an open mind.

So, what do you do? Shift your focus, from selling to creating receptivity with your customers. Other-Centered® Selling will help you do exactly that – increase receptivity with your new and existing customers.

  • Foundation: Learn the 2 keys to creating receptivity.
  • Engage: Equip yourself with a model that will improve your ability to position a meeting that gets a decision-maker’s attention, land a meeting with a prospect, and/or get them to be open to talking to you.
  • Discover: Create a roadmap so customers will reveal the unfiltered truth about their wants, needs, and perspectives and become open to your recommendation vs. fearing a sales pitch.
  • Build Value: Separate your solution from their other options and apply a framework that helps a customer emotionally embrace your recommendation
  • Advance: Make an offer for a next step in a way customers will see the value of spending more time and effort, getting closer to deciding to work with you.

Wrap up with practice and application to help you become an Other-Centered® seller – more influential, better results, more fulfilled. Enjoy!

Exclusive Offer to Highspot Customers

ASLAN is best suited to transform sales organizations with 50 or more sales reps. As a valued Highspot customer, we are offering a complimentary Sales Capability Assessment for 3 of your sellers. We will:

  • Have a Sr. Consultant personally evaluate 3 recorded virtual sales calls/presentations (non-AI)
  • Complete a quantitative Outcome-based Capability Assessment measuring five critical capabilities and the 3-5 behaviors for each.
  • Provide 2 development activities and resources to improve the targeted gap based on the assessment.
  • Lead a 60-minute virtual meeting to review the above after completion.

Available to Sales and Sales Enablement Leaders with more than 50 sales reps in their organization Willing to sign NDA before reviewing calls.






  • Requires access to the Highspot platform
  • Requires Highspot Content & Guidance


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The percentage of decision-makers who are receptive to a meeting or embracing a new solution is small. And if the customer is emotionally unreceptive, your value prop, your insights, and your solution don’t matter. Therefore, in our sales training programs we start by teaching a radical approach to converting the disinterested: Stop selling and focus on enhancing receptivity.

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