Introduction to the Sandler Selling System

Learn how to address challenges around prospects leading calls, giving consulting away from free during the sales process, or how to properly set up-front contracts with this complimentary intro to the Sandler Selling System.

Win First Sales Calls with Challenger

You have identified the right accounts and the right person within those accounts to target. Now you need to engage them in conversation and win the moment.

Sales Enablement PRO

At Sales Enablement PRO, we amplify the voices of practitioners, thought leaders, and industry luminaries to deliver sales enablement expertise you can use every day.

Quick-Hit Conversation Skills Micro-Learning Guides

Decision Sciences combine the power of neuroscience, social psychology, and behavioral economics to explore the invisible forces that shape how human beings frame value and make choices.

Customer Outcome Focus: Customers For Life. Increased Revenue.

Selling has changed. Data suggests It takes an average of 8 cold calls to reach a prospect and the one size fits all approach isn’t cutting it anymore. When all the focus is on selling, it’s not on the customer. Customers are craving a more customized and personalized approach.

Highspot Maturity Assessment

Are you getting the most from your sales enablement investments? PK’s free Maturity Assessment provides immediate, actionable recommendations for how your organization can more effectively use Highspot.


ValueSelling Communication Kit

Use a value-based approach and uncover your buyer’s most-pressing business issues and personal motivations to create urgency, end the price war and win more deals — it all starts with mastering communication across all channels.

Sales Training for Accelerated Growth

Watch both ineffective and effective examples of a good questioning strategy to help build trust with your customers.

Grow Your Strategic Accounts

The included training and planner will help you strengthen and deepen your relationships with clients, develop a plan to get there, and implement strategies to uncover significant growth opportunities within your accounts.

Blueprint to Impactful Sales Onboarding

Achieve sustainable growth using role-based frameworks to design and activate your go-to-market (GTM) onboarding content & programs

Improving Strategic and Critical Thinking

Let's face it, all salespeople make assumptions. However, when it comes to strategic account planning it could be the difference between winning and losing. This program will challenge those assumptions to ensure you're developing the right strategy to win every time.

Writing Winning Proposals

Whether writing unsolicited proposals or responding to RFPs an inch thick, this program will allow you to stand shoulder to shoulder with bid teams from the most sophisticated sales organizations

Recruiting and Selecting STARs

Top salespeople produce better results, have lower turnover, and “raise the bar” for the team. This course will teach you how to recruit and hire sales stars to drive better performance.

Product Marketing Templates and Training

From business case templates, to positioning templates, as a product marketer, there are tons of tools you could have in your box to streamline, optimize and improve your efforts. Get a taste of them here...

Sales Agility Wins the Day!

In today's rapidly changing environment, agility is crucial to your success. Learn what it means to be agile, whether you're a seller or a manager. This will set you up to win in this rapidly changing world!

Become More Influential

Customers have more information than ever to 'research' and are unreceptive to salespeople. The harder you sell, the more unreceptive they become. Shift from selling to creating receptivity. Watch your commission soar.

Pre-Call and Post-Call Sales Planner

This Call Planner will help you organize your activities and ensure success is achieved on your sales calls.

IMPACT Selling with The Brooks Group

Building an effective sales force starts from the ground up. Learn about our core offerings from hiring and assessments to individualized training for your teams and managers.

Sales Behavioural Assessments

Insight into identifying a person's winning sales character traits for your team is key. Matching that person's character traits with a specific sales role significantly improves sales success and reduces turnover.

B2B Marketing Training and Consulting

Market Research, Positioning and Messaging, Branding, Customer Experience, Demand Generation and Analytics. One partner for B2B marketing training and consulting.

Building and Managing a Productive Sales Pipeline

Whether you need to fill your pipeline or increase the velocity of the opportunities that pass through it, this program will provide insights into how to capture more leads and estimate the value, quality and speed of your sales pipeline activity.

Market, Sell and Prove Customer Value

DecisionLink’s ValueCloud® empowers marketers, sellers, and customer success teams to establish and communicate the economic value of your solutions at any stage of the customer journey, ensuring customers for life.

Social Triggers Mastery

Looking to convert that "trigger" birthday or promotion notification into a sales conversation? Social Triggers Mastery teaches you what to say and when to say it!

Negotiating with Backbone

Negotiating with Backbone is a culture-changing, experiential initiative to drive better understanding, management, and defense of value in tough negotiations.

Sandler Selling System Collection

While other sales training teaches you how to get better at playing the sales game, the Sandler Selling System is designed to prevent the games from ever being played.

The Challenger Approach at Your Sellers' Fingertips

In today's selling environment, every customer-facing moment matters. Help your sellers win those moments and transform your sales experience with Challenger and Highspot.

Sales Enablement PRO Certification

Whether you’re looking to establish a sales enablement function or level-up your existing knowledge, this package will help you become a seasoned sales enablement professional.