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What’s Included

Companies understand that when they elevate their conversations to business value vs. features and functions, good things happen: discount levels decrease, sales cycles shorten, deal sizes grow, and they gain the lead over competitors who are often unable to quantify or prove ROI. But how do you scale that across every sales cycle, not just the most strategic deals? Value resources are limited, after all. And how do you ensure market, sales, and customer success all are able to have value-based conversations?

DecisionLink’s ValueCloud® empowers marketers, sellers, and customer success managers to automatically quantify and articulate business value at any stage of the customer journey to acquire, retain and grow customers for life.

ValueCloud®’s enterprise platform empowers companies to:

  • Access to create and share unlimited Business Cases with prospects
  • Engage prospects while on your website and capture demand early in their research process with a Smart Web Calculator
  • Enable self-service value model creation as your product offerings evolve with our Value Professional Workbench
  • Quantify value realized in real-time by your customers with Value Achievement Tracker
  • Integrate seamlessly to CRM, Customer Success, Marketing Automation and SSO platforms
  • Present a global presence with internationalization
  • Protect their data with industry-leading security with our SOC II, Type 2 Compliant platform
  • Enable their entire organization with access to DecisionLink Value University and Value Black Belt Certification programs


Exclusive Offer to Highspot Customers

As the pioneer in Customer Value Management, DecisionLink has published the first-ever book on creating, building and scaling an enterprise-wide value management practice. Download our book, “Unleashing Customer Value: Your Guide to Agile Value Management,” along with our Value Management Self-Assessment tool to understand your current level of agility in your value management practices and uncover what areas to focus on next in order to achieve a world-class value management practice.






  • Requires access to the Highspot platform
  • Requires Highspot Content & Guidance


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Who We Are

DecisionLink, founded in 2011 and based in Atlanta, GA, is the leader in customer value management and creator of the world’s first enterprise-class customer value management system- DecisionLink ValueCloud®. DecisionLink was founded by Jim Berryhill, former sales leader for HP, Siebel Systems, and CA, and John Porter, who has held numerous leadership roles in product management, sales, and customer success serving a multitude of organizations around the globe. DecisionLink views customer value as the missing link and next logical evolution in Customer Relationship Management because true customer relationships are entirely dependent on Value. Yet there’s nothing in CRM or any business system that enables customer value management. DecisionLink’s team believes that any business looking to shift to higher-value/higher-margin business models must manage customer value as a strategic asset to ensure competitive differentiation, elevate conversations, achieve trusted advisor status, and ultimately accelerate business results.

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