Building and Managing a Productive Sales Pipeline

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What’s Included

How often do you feel that you need more and better quality activity in your pipeline? Feel like you need more in the funnel? Too many opportunities stuck in “maybe land?” Can’t put your finger on when deals are going to close? Like most competitive salespeople, you’re likely experiencing these thoughts daily! Most salespeople aren’t aware of the pipeline value, quality or velocity they need to meet their numbers. In the Building and Managing a Successful Pipeline program, you learn how to meet quota by filling your pipeline with the right prospects using proven lead generation and nursing methods. You’ll also learn the key stages of a pipeline and how to align your follow-up with your prospect’s buying process. The program also provides worksheets and calculators to tell you just how much of the right activity you need to achieve the metrics your organization demands.

In this self-paced training program provided free to you by Highspot, you’ll be able to address these challenges and more. We’ve broken the program down into four key parts:

• Part 1: Sourcing leads via client Type Targeting
• Part 2: Understanding the stages of a sales pipeline
• Part 3: Steps of the Pipeline and Pipeline Math
• Part 4: Building a pipeline for maximum opportunity

As a result of going through this program, you’ll be able to fill your pipeline more readily with quality leads, engage in the right way to advance opportunity, and execute a prospecting cadence driven by your personal close ratio and traditional deal size. Your pipeline will now be able to act as a de facto forecast for management.

Exclusive Offer to Highspot Customers

Ascend Advisers and their popular Ascend AI™ prospecting platform provide sales and marketing teams with a proven AI solution for lead generation and nurturing. We connect the world’s leading contact database, LinkedIn with the best prospect segmentation engine in Sales Navigator with our proprietary AI technology.

As part of our partnership with Highspot, we are offering a one hour digital sales and marketing strategy session for use on LinkedIn and/or Websites and Blogs. You will receive targeted guidance and support for building a five-piece content campaign and strategy directed at your ideal prospects. The offer includes a free list-building session using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.






  • Requires access to LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Requires access to the Highspot platform
  • Requires Highspot Content & Guidance


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Ascend is a company founded and managed by former salespeople, heads of marketing and field sales executives. We saw the need to accelerate the rate of market penetration and client acquisition with the latest tools and training to ensure your people spend as much time with prospects and clients as possible. Clients feel a tremendous relief and energy from knowing their digital marketing and sales enablement platforms are competitive, scalable, and measurable. We employ the latest marketing and digital tech to enable quantum leap results you can measure and feel.

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