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As one of America’s most established corporate training companies, Baker Communications has helped over 1.5 million professionals reach maximum performance since 1979. Globally recognized companies and government agencies, including Amazon, SAP and Ingersoll Rand depend on BCI to equip their employees with skills to increase market share and produce immediate results.

Using data science, BCI delivers individualize training and coaching paths, e-learning, and other enablement solutions that help sales teams unlock world-class performance. The goal is to transform sales training and sales enablement from an art into a science. Using data to scientifically determine a sales force’s actual performance needs enables BCI’s customers to target specific gaps rather than use a one-size-fits-all approach to sales performance improvement. In doing that customers reduce time to productivity, shorten their training cycles and increase sales team performance.

Our solutions are as unique as your business needs.

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Assess your sales team for FREE! Find out what your sales teams’ strengths and weaknesses are and be provided the recipe to bridge the gaps to accomplish your sales goals. BCI’s Tailored Fit uses data to analyze your current sales force and provides customized training and coaching paths to your unique business and needs.






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BCI is committed to helping you achieve world-class performance. That's the top 2% of performance in any discipline. It's where top athletes find their home, where top sellers receive double comma incomes, where leaders take their teams to new heights, and where companies leave their competition behind. And surprisingly, it sometimes takes only a small change in some of the fundamentals. We call it the 2MM shift.

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