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Challenger research will tell you 53% of customer loyalty is based on an insight-led sales experience. Despite this, many sellers still focus their experience around products or a conversation on price. They speed through discovery to get to the demo. Buyers need more. This module will walk you step by step through securing, preparing for, and executing a successful meeting that leads with insight rather than product. This approach teaches the buyer something about their business and motivates buyers into action.

This playbook contains e-learning modules, tools, examples, and all of the resources you need at your fingertips to win the moments that matter in first sales interactions.

Exclusive Offer to Highspot Customers

Schedule time with our team and we’ll review the flow and content of your pitch deck, explore your delivery method during a brief call, and deliver consolidated feedback and suggested changes:
  • Share: We’ll review the flow and content of your pitch deck
  • Review: We’ll explore your delivery method during a brief call
  • Recommend: We’ll consolidate feedback and suggest changes






  • Requires access to the Highspot platform
  • Requires Highspot Content & Guidance


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Challenger is the global leader in training, technology, and consulting to win today’s complex sale. Our sales transformation and training programs are supported by ongoing research and backed by our best-selling books, The Challenger Sale, The Challenger Customer, and The Effortless Experience.

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