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What’s included

Growing existing accounts is a top priority for many sales organizations. Discover a process that will help you strengthen and deepen your relationship with clients, develop a plan to get there, and implement strategies to uncover significant growth opportunities within your accounts. These resources, including the exclusive RAIN Group Strategic Account Planner (typically available to RAIN Group clients), have been made available to you through our partnership with Highspot.

  • RAIN Group’s Strategic Account Planner
  • Training video series that teaches you how to best use the Strategic Account Planner


Exclusive Offer to Highspot Customers

Free 60-minute consultation focused on the next-gen delivery architecture that has proven to increase bookings and quote attainment






  • Requires access to the Highspot platform
  • Requires Highspot Content & Guidance


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RAIN Group is a global sales training company delivering award-winning results through in-person and virtual sales training, coaching, and reinforcement. We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of professionals, managers, and sales leaders significantly increase their sales results.

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