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Buying isn’t linear, so neither is selling.

Sellers need to know and execute the critical actions that drive momentum and win deals. Yet they must apply these actions in an agile way to address the dynamic nature of buying today. How they apply these actions matters. To win, sellers must build trust and confidence in the decision to buy in a world where customers are highly skeptical and risk-averse. One of the key ways to build trust is to use a questioning strategy that fosters openness and results in a dialogue that explores, shapes, and defines the customer’s needs. When sales questions are well-structured they are a powerful tool that deepens dialogues, provides insights, builds trust, and closes more sales. In this package, you will gain access to both an effective and ineffective video example with coaching to learn how you can use questioning to build trust and gain a sustainable competitive advantage to differentiate yourself in an increasingly volatile market.

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Complimentary 30-Minute Consultation to learn how your team can implement an agile-selling approach to get ahead of the competition.






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