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What’s included

To register, download the package and submit the assessment request form. After completing a short enquiry form, one of our customer support team with contact you to check your requirements. You don’t need to decide then, but when you are ready to continue, we will finish setting up the account and have it operational for you to use within 24 hours from registration. A welcome email will be sent to you containing our helpline details, suggested text that you can use to send to anyone you want to complete the assessment, as well as your unique client code. When an assessment is completed, the reports will only be sent to you and not the person taking the assessment. Candidates taking the assessment will receive online instruction and the total experience should only take them 8 – 10 minutes to complete.

As well as the reports written text and grids, they also contain three graphs on the back page. These graphs show the person’s “Natural” behavioural traits, their “Modified” behavioural traits of how they are changing in their working environment, and their “Core” behavioural traits of how they will behave under pressure. Many of our customers find understanding these graphs to be very useful. As a Highspot customer, we will send you two tutorial documents free of charge, to get you started.

Exclusive Offer to Highspot Customers

As a Highspot customer, you will get an automatic 20% discount off our current standard price list. Following registration, you will be provided with your own unique client code to issue to those you want to take the assessment, this will ensure that all reports are delivered to your nominated email box within seconds of the assessment is taken. So, no waiting!






  • Requires access to the Highspot platform
  • Requires Highspot Content & Guidance


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Who We Are

SalesMatch combines and delivers a strong practical experience of selling, sales management, and sales training, with an extensive working technical knowledge of behavioral science theory. In combining these two unique qualities and the extensive study of profiling many thousands of salespeople and contact center agents in different environments, SalesMatch is now proud to provide our service and support organizations throughout the world.

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